PS3 Yellow light of death causes

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Sony has manufactured a very good console I must say. Its far superior than X360 in terms of sheer power ans stability. I distinctly remember when PS3 was first launched it was highly acclaimed for having a very low failure rate. But soon many PS3 owners were facing the dreaded yellow light of death. PS3 was plagued by the same thing which X360 was plagued by – overheating.

Yellow light of death (YLOD) is Sony’s way of saying “General hardware failure” so essentially it could mean hardware failure on any part of PS3. However in most of the cases this is due to a detached motherboard. Understanding what happens below the hood of PS3 will help in understanding PS3 Yellow light of death causes more easily. See, PS3 has an extremely powerful processing unit and any powerful processing unit will generate lot of heat.

When you play games on PS3, the CPU and GPU generate lots of heat thus melting the solder connecting them to the motherboard which is completely normal. When you switch off the PS3, this molten solder starts to cool down and becomes solid again. However, after many such cycles either of the CPU or GPU gets detached from the motherboard essentially breaking the circuit. This is the time when your PS3 has YLOD.

Sony could have used better methods of cooling down PS3 or could have used better quality solder joints to decrease the failure rate. But alas they didn’t do it thus making you pay $150 to get it repaired. You can fix it yourself though.

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