PS3 not playing discs? Fix a PS3 that will not play games

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PS3 Disc error

Its everywhere on the internet, everyone is looking to fix their PS3 not playing disc. Gamers everywhere are looking for answers. So what can you do when your PS3 will not play game discs.

First thing that comes to mind is to send it to Sony and ask them to fix it. Sure its a good idea, even I would recommend that you send your PS3 to Sony, but only when your PS3 is under warranty. But if like most other people, your PS3 is not under warranty then I would suggest that you look for other options instead of sending your PS3 to Sony. After all Sony will charge you up to $150 to repair your PS3.  Its a big amount, and on top of that Sony will take around 6 weeks to return your PS3.

Fix your PS3 at home

You can clean the disc with a soft cloth and try to play it again. If that doesn’t work then switch off your PS3, let it get cooled for a couple of hours and try again. You can also try to play other discs on your PS3 or play your disc on a friend’s PS3.  If still your PS3 is not reading game discs then the blue ray player lens has gone bad. It is for precisely for same reasons that I would suggest that you don’t use your PS3 for anything apart from playing games. A device can only last for so long after all.

Relax, its not end of the world. You can easily get a replacement lens. And believe me replacing a PS3 lens is not as complicated as you think. Its very easy, you just need a reliable repair guide to fix your PS3 and few basic tools which can easily be found in your home.

Replacing a Blu-Ray lens

You will need:

  1. Phillips screwdriver.
  2. Flat blade screwdriver.

Steps to fix PS3 disc reading error:PS3 dismantled

  1. Remove the warranty stickers.
  2. Unscrew and remove the panel using flat blade screwdriver.
  3. Remove all phillips screws from the case. Pull it up and slide to left to remove it.
  4. Remove the ribbon.
  5. Lift the Blu-Ray drive while disconnecting power cable and another ribbon.
  6. Carefully open the Blu-Ray drive.
  7. Replace lens. A replacement lens can be found easily on Amazon or can be salvaged from an old PS3.
  8. Close the PS3 again

Above steps are just an overview of what you need to do. Here is a more detailed version of replacing PS3 Blu-Ray lens.


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