PS3 freezing problems – Find out how to solve them.

Posted on 29. Jul, 2010 by in PS3 freezing

Playstation 3

Are you aware of the problem of freezing up of Sony PS3? Sony Playstation 3 getting freezed is not a dangerous one even if occurs because of various causes. It is well known there are a lot of people who happen to have exactly the same error from different places yet the newest versions of Sony Playstation 3 cannot bypass it getting freezed.

Many different places suggested a couple of remedies through many veteran Sony PS3 users. Switch off the information bar on the top right hand corner of the main Playstation 3 menu. The information bar would be busy searching for connectivity to the Internet even in case you are not online thereby pointlessly slowing down the complete system. There is another option if this did not turn up, what must be done is to reset the PS3 then try doing the same task, which you were performing in the game menu actions, this fix can positively relieve you from the Playstation 3 getting freezed up. The next suggested solution regarding freezing up of PS3 is that you go and disconnect and reconnect the HDMI cable or other related cables.

A bad part when it comes to a PS3 getting freezed is that it is very unpredictable. Thereby making it harder to fix when compared to something which happens at regular intervals. An unpredictable failure is very difficult to verify owing to the fact that even if you might have fixed the problem; it will pop-up again. You are busy with trying to repair it and then waiting to know if you were successful. In case it doesn’t work, you have to implement something else and check again.

The good news is that there exists a huge list of well-known problems that can cause a PS3 to freeze and almost all are simple to repair. Your PS3 will be up and running by one of the fixes.

Some time ago I made a post about fixing PS3 YLOD. Though I talk about YLOD in that post, the good thing is that the tool mentioned over there is capable of fixing a freezed up PS3 as well. Sweet eh.

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