My PS3 is not reading discs, now what?

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PS3 Disc errorLet’s get it straight, your PS3 was working fine and one fine day it stopped reading game discs or movie discs. In some cases CDs and DVDs may get played but not games discs. This is because games discs use Blu-ray laser. To be fair, you should not have kept your PS3 switched ON for long hours on end. You are better off watching movies on dedicated DVD player or your laptop instead of using your PS3. What do you do, apart from panicking of course? Stop panicking; here are a few things you can try:

Home remedies

A disc error is caused due one of the 2 things – a broken lens or accumulation of dust. There are a few things you can try:

  • Try playing your game disk on your friend’s PS3, also try playing some other disk on your PS3.
  • Clean the disc with a soft cloth and try again. Check for loose cables as well.
  • Switch off your PS3, let it cool off for couple of hours, preferably over-night and try again.
  • Try changing media, i.e., put a CD, if it works the try a DVD, if it works then put the game disc. It is known to work sometimes.
  • If nothing else works then probably you should call Sony if they can suggest a workaround. Don’t ship them your PS3, just call them up for advice.
  • Last workaround would be to reformat your PS3. You should do this on your own risk.

What do I need to do

If above suggestions didn’t work then I’m afraid your Blu-ray lens has gone kaput and the only option you have is to replace it. Don’t worry, I’ll guide you what you need to do.

If your PS3 is still under warranty then I’d suggest that you contact Sony since taking apart your PS3 will void its warranty. You can still send to Sony if your PS3 is no longer covered under warranty but you better be careful. Sony will charge up to $150 excluding shipping charges. On top of that you will get a refurbished PS3 and it will take up to 6 weeks for Sony to give you a PS3 back. Not a wise choice I would say. Read on to find what to do if your PS3 is not reading game discs and it is not under warranty anymore.

Getting a replacement lens is not as hard as you think. You can buy it off amazon, better still if you can salvage a lens from another PS3. But before you jump and buy a lens you must know exactly how to replace the lens. Here’s how to replace the Blu-ray lens:

  • Unscrew and remove the cover plate.
  • Unscrew the case (8 screws) and remove it.
  • Remove the connector ribbons and remove the disc drive.
  • Open up the disc drive carefully and replace the lens with a new lens.
  • Close your PS3 back and your PS3 should start to work again.

In case above instructions were not clear enough or your PS3 still does not work then I would suggest a more detailed guide.

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