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PS3 is a wonderful console but sometimes things can get real shitty. When PS3 was launched, it was believed to be better than XBOX 360 in terms of failure rate, infact Sony claimed failure rates to be lower than 1%. But soon after its launch PS3 started showing the same symptoms that XBOX 360 was plagued with. It started showing Yellow Light Of Death(or YLOD). Sony could have learned from Microsoft when XBOX 360 started showing RROD(red ring of death) due to overheating, considering the fact that they had ample amount of time to make sure PS3 doesn’t get overheated and stop working. Lets not get involved much into what Sony and Microsoft have produced. You’re here to fix YLOD on your PS3, right? So lets do exactly that.

How to detect YLOD?

If you boot up the PS3 and it shows a green light following by a continuous blinking yellow light. Just like the one shown here. It means your PS3 is a victim of YLOD

What is the reason of YLOD?

YLOD is caused The yellow light of death on PS3 refers to general hardware failure, this means it could be anything but in 99% of the cases its a simple case of motherboard and can be fixed all by yourself. Lets not go much into the details but the main reason why PS3 YLOD appears is due to overheating. See, PS3 has an extremely power CPU and GPU which means they generate a lot of heat. Sometimes, due to long hours of usage the solder connecting the CPU and GPU to motherboard can melt and CPU or GPU can get detached from the motherboard thus causing YLOD. Maybe you have been running PS3 for too long or maybe Sony did not provide enough ventilation area, but this is the #1 reason of YLOD.

How to fix YLOD?

If your PS3 is still under warranty I’ll suggest you give it back to Sony and let them repair it for free. You will still have to pay for shipping costs and will have to wait for a few weeks before you get it back.

If your console is not under warranty anymore then you’re left with 2 choices:

The Sony way (costly and more time consuming)Don't waste money

You can give it back to Sony and let them rip your ass off. Sony asks $150 to repair a single console excluding taxes and shipping charges. This means you will have to pay $150 + tax + shipping charges. This will also take around 4 weeks before Sony repairs your console. Also, Sony will remove all the data from your hard disk.Sony also gives you a warranty of 3 months on the repaired (or refurbished) PS3.

Sony may give you a refurbished PS3 instead of repairing yours.

You might be thinking of calling up Sony and giving them your PS3 to be repaired. But wait. $150 is not a small amount of money, hell it is almost half of the price of a new PS3 and there is no guarantee that you won’t face YLOD again after 3 months (many people have already faced YLOD more than once). So, if you face PS3 YLOD again after 3 months, you’ll have to pay $150 (+ tax + shipping charges) again to Sony. Certainly not a wise decision in my opinion. Why the hell even pay Sony for a problem that has no fault of yours, it is Sony’s fault after all. You are better off fixing it yourself.

The D.I.Y. way (cheap and very fast)

The other option is to fix PS3 YLOD yourself. It may sound scary and technical but believe me there’s nothing to worry about. You can easily fix your PS3 in no time without any technical knowledge. People all over the world have successfully repaired their PS3’s and I don’t see any reason why you should not be able to do this.

The advantages of repairing your PS3 yourself are:

  1. You just need to pay $37 once, instead of $150 + shipping every time.
  2. You can be running back your game in 2 hours from now, not in 4 weeks.
  3. You don’t have to lose the data on your HDD.
  4. You can repair your PS3 for free in case the problem happens again.

AN IMPORTANT TIP:Don’t jump to the first online PS3 repair tutorial. You may end up doing permanent damage to your PS3

Now that you know that fixing PS3 yourself is the best way. You have 2 choices to do it.

Result of free PS3 repair guide

How to fix PS3 YLOD yourself?

Option 1 – Use a free online repair guide

You can search the internet for free PS3 repair tutorials. But be warned that Internet is riddled with many so called guides and videos which claim to teach you how to repair your PS3. However, these tutorials may not show you all the steps needed to fix your PS3. Or the video/ images are not of high quality thus leaving you guessing out the exact method. If you follow such guides you may end up doing permanent damage to your beloved PS3. I bet you won’t want to do that. Even if you are somehow able to repair your PS3, YLOD may appear again after playing game for a few hours and you’d have to repeat the whole process again. You don’t want to use your PS3 for grilling, do you?

Option 2 – Purchase a professional PS3 lights fix guidePS3 Lights Fix - complete pack

The best option is to purchase a professional PS3 YLOD fix guide. The methods used in this guide are the same methods that Sony uses. This reduces the risk of damaging your PS3 to almost zero% ( You need to be careful while repairing though). It contains step-by-step instructions in highly detailed videos (with voice commentary) so that you can clearly follow all the instructions. It also contains high resolutions step-by-step pictures that you can refer to while repairing your PS3. It costs only $37 and comes with a money back guarantee of 60 days (in the rarest of rare case that you are unable to repair your PS3). This means that you have literally nothing to lose.

Use the same method that Sony uses to fix your beloved PS3

Some of the advantages of this guide:

  • Get rid of Red, yellow or green light and red screen of death permanently.
  • Get rid of ANY PS3 error code.
  • You don’t need to pay $150 to Sony or wait 4 weeks to get your PS3 back.
  • You will not have to lose you HDD contents
  • You will have your own PS3 and not a refurbished one.
  • Lifetime (yes lifetime) access to members area.
  • Repair all types of PS3’s – 40 GB, 60GB, 80 GB, Slim etc.


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