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My PS3 is not reading discs, now what?

Posted by in PS3 Disc error on 01. May, 2014 | Comments Off

PS3 Disc error

Let’s get it straight, your PS3 was working fine and one fine day it stopped reading game discs or movie discs. In some cases CDs and DVDs may get played but not games discs. This is because games discs use Blu-ray laser. To be fair, you should not have kept your PS3 switched ON for […]

PS3 freezing problems – Find out how to solve them.

Posted by in PS3 freezing on 29. Jul, 2010 | 171 Comments

PS3 freezing problems – Find out how to solve them.

Has your PS3 got freezed during watching a movie? You don’t have to get upset, there are a lot of folks who came across the same issue. Firstly make sure …

PS3 Yellow light of death causes

Posted by in Resources, YLOD causes on 18. Jun, 2010 | 165 Comments

PS3 Yellow light of death causes

Yellow light of death (YLOD) is Sony’s way of saying “General hardware failure” so essentially it could mean hardware failure on any part of PS3. However in most of the cases this is due to a detached motherboard. Understanding what happens below the hood of PS3 will help in understanding PS3 Yellow light of death causes more easily.

  • Best PS3 YLOD fixing guideBest guide to fixing your PS3 yourself without paying a single penny to Sony or waiting for 3-4 weeks. You don't have to worry about getting a refurbished PS3. You can fix all these problems and you get some bonus also.
    Disc errors, Freezing Errors, Error Codes, YLOD, Red screen, Green light, Beeps Read more!
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